Sunday, January 11, 2009

Inter-Class Talk Show Competition 2009

Yesterday evening was the inter-class talkshow competition between E Stream and D Stream. There are four teams in the competition, and we are one of the teams. Sorry, no photos for this post. I was too busy myself to actually take pictures.

Well, through this competition, I am touched my friends and fellow coursemates who lent us their hand and also support us through the entire event. Haha, another Oscar speech perhaps? Thanks to Si Nan who helped us so much in the technical parts and also Kumutha for controlling the visual aids to near perfection on that day. Thanks to Zac for helping us with the videos and of course had lotsa fun with us. Last but not least, thanks to my fellow team mates who support each other morally and emotionally through the assignment and this competition.

We proudly presented Nicole Jeffrey Show: The Terror of The Bleeding Heart in DDK1. Well, the atmosphere itself was scary. I was trying hard to actually train the butterflies in my stomach to fly in formation!! And not to mention, there were the difference in crowd and also class among the audience. So it was indeed a very terrifying experience.

The first team that presented was Yesterday Today's Show by TE3. Their topic was about Titanic. I am deeply impressed by their original ideas and also their perfect control of visual aids. It was very touching to watch their show. It is so full of substance and taste. They won the first prize and they deserve it, every second of it. Because it is the best show I've seen among all the other talkshows. Congrats to the group members!!

We presented after them. Unfortunately, the PA system was problematic and it really affected our show as the audience can't hear us well. Imagine shouting across a hall to an audience of 400 people. It wasn't easy at all. Our show focused a lot on humour, wordplay and wittiness. It was really a pity that we weren't able to present our show properly. But we did our best and we are proud to say that we got the consulation prize.

Next, Stream D students presented a slapstick funny piece on using money. Can't remember the title but the theme was overall very Chinese New Year-like and also very Malaysian style, a stark contrast to the 2 shows before which centered more on professional style. The content was quite funny and the videos were somewhat creative. Can see that the team really put in effort, especially in terms of sacrificing money for extravagant props.

Lastly, another show from Stream D, Bling Bling with Alvin Ling, which centered around ghost stories. I like the stuff they put in. The videos looked like they were professionally done and the jokes they put in managed to bring the crowd to laugh. I like the survey they did. The humour part was incorporated nicely into the show. But it was, however, funny for the host to be holding a clipboard through the entire show.

All in all, it was a good experience. Learnt a few things myself, and also notice the importance of manners through the show. I am so happy that Stream E won the competition. Congrats again to the winners and all the teams that put in effort.

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