Sunday, January 11, 2009

Chronicles of Bicycle: Can't See

After the talkshow competition, the cloud gathered above the sky of UTAR and the worst dream came true. It rained, at 8pm something, when the sky was dark and the streets practically deserted. Worst thing? I was wearing a white shirt!! Not to mention, carrying a box of props and someone really left when I asked that person to (~~ahem~~)

However, thanks to Ms Chuah who kindly helped us carry our props and laptop back to the house when we cycled. So, we cycled in the rain. And got real wet. Really wet...

I cycled through the tunnel at Block C for just a short distance and my entire clothings were dripping wet. And I can't even see the road!! But no way we were going to wait, since it was already getting so dark and there were no more buses. No choice but to brave through the rain...

Anyway, Zac had the foresight to arrange us in formation for a safe journey home. Si Nan lead us in front while Zac and Goldon followed behind. The girls were safely sandwiched between 3 guys. How thoughtful are you, Zac? Haha... But it was really scary, cause in the middle of the journey, when going downslope, some buffaloes ran across the road. I was scared shitless and I can't see the road clearly!! I was so worried that I was going to run into one. Luckily nothing happened.

For the first time in my life, I got so wet in the rain. Yes, I can feel the raindrops dripping against my ribs. I can feel the water trickling down my calfs. I can feel the cold, piercing through my skin into my bones, numbing my body in the wind with so much rain hitting my face that I can no longer feel the pain. It was somehow liberating, and fun... I know, I am mad. But it was not wrong to love the rain! Hearing nothing but the sound of rain, hitting against a surface is so calming and relaxing...

Finally we reached home safely, thanks to the guys who escorted us. And we kinda made a puddle of water right in the common area of our house. Haha... But it was worth the experience and the fun of it!!!

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