Sunday, January 11, 2009

In the greens

Once upon a time
There was a flower
On earth so beautiful
That she was not noticed
Among all the other greens
She always thought to herself
A life on Earth
Is a life insignificant
No one will mourn
If she wilts or break
No one will notice
If she vanish from very sight

But there came a shooting star
A star so bright
That it lighted up the Earth
And brought wonders
A star so great
That the flower has hope
So much hope
That she blossoms
Into a creature so beautiful
That the Earth envy

~~Am listening to the song titled The Water Is Wide, the instrumental version and thought of writing a few words for the beautiful melody... Of course my awkward lines are not as great as the original lyricist. But the song really give me this kind of feeling and imagination...

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