Tuesday, January 27, 2009

To All Souls That Hate Chinese New Year

Do you hate it when the fire crackers explode right next to you and scared the shit out of you?

Do you hate it when Chinese New Year means battle of wits between relatives that you don't even remember their names?

Do you hate it when meals are no longer proper meals but servings of super sweet stuff that will definitely cause sore throat and some other sickness later?

Do you hate it when your house is noisier than a market where people is always around and the TV is blaring like a loudspeaker?

Do you hate it when you have to put on the fake smile when some morons just accidentally on purpose shoot you left, right and center?

Do you hate it when you don't have time to study when finals is just around the corner?

Do you hate it when you just feel like saying something but have to think four times just because they are a tad bit older than you? Sometimes, younger?

Do you hate it when every time you meet up with female cousins, they tend to judge whether you handbag is genuine or not, or whether you can really afford that piece of clothing you are wearing?

Do you hate it when you can't even have a proper evening nap because there are always people around?

Do you hate it when you have to wake up so early in the morning just cause it's new year and you slept at 3am last night?

Do you hate it when you get shoot by someone with no reason at all? Just because they think they are more superior simply because they are richer, fatter and more annoying?


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