Thursday, January 15, 2009


My 19th birthday is the happiest birthdays in my life...
I thought I was going to be all alone in Kampar this year, celebrating my last teen birthday with myself. However, this birthday is the most memorable birthday I ever have, because I learnt so many things this time. I never am a religious person, I am not even sure if I believe in God, but I am thankful to Him this time.

The day before my birthday, my family drove all the way to Kampar to have dinner with me. And I really appreciate it, even when my dad complaint about the crowd, my mother complaint about the service and my bro complaint about the food... Thank God for giving me such wonderful family who celebrated my birthday with me because they worried that I am going to be lonely...

At 12am, my best friends shouted from outside of the house and practically woke everyone up, just so that they can wish me happy birthday. Thank God for giving me friends who love me so much that they didn't care of waking the whole neighbourhood.

In lecture, Nicole announce my birthday to the class and the whole Stream E sang me a Birthday Song and I got a beautiful necklace from TE1. I am deeply touched. Thank God for giving me such wonderful classmates. And thank God for placing me among good company of TE1.

At night, a bunch of us went for dinner at Gold Label and we joked of a lot of things. We enjoyed the food and each other's company. After that, they even got me a surprise party. Their efforts will forever be in my heart!! Thank you Nicole and Si Nan for planning such elaborated surprise. Thank you Zyenyi, Nicole, Si Nan and all those who designed my birthday cake, it was really a delight eating such unique combination of chocolate cake!! Thank you Kumutha, Zac and YY for such cute present, I will sleep every night, knowing that I am surrounded by friends. Thank you Goldon, for participating in the surprise. Thank you Andrew Gor Gor, for your many wishes, I understand why you can't make it, so don't feel sad... Thank God, for blessing me with wonderful friends who stood with me through so many storms.

I also received the best presents that night. I will forever remember the walk after dinner. All the words said and the things done, will remain forever... Every lamp post will have our shadow in its bulbs. Every pavement will have our imprints within its rocks. This moment will forever be cemented in my memory. Thank you for being there. And thank God for blessing me with such wonderful moments.

Thankful... Because I know I am lucky. I am truly lucky to be in good company, with my friends and with someone... Quoting Jason Mraz, I am lucky to be in love with my best friend... I am lucky to be blessed with so much love in life. And I am truly thankful for that...

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