Monday, January 26, 2009

One Day Without You

I kissed you goodbye that night
And never got to see you the next day
That day is the very faithful day
When I noticed you walked away
Vanished across the sea and behind the clouds
You don't know me
And you don't even care
You were just looking for someone
To safe you from being lost at sea

The phone stopped ringing
The message not delivered
The line so broken like us
The wall between us so thick
I can no longer see your silhouette
The unspoken words between us blurred
I can no longer see your heart

I'm tired of sunsets
And crying alone in the rain
And you have ceased to ask
You are mine but never truly mine
Hearing I love you
Is almost like a blatantly honest lie
A beautiful lie that I wanted to believe in so much
But nonetheless a lie

One day without you
Thought I would think about you
And the times between us
But I was wrong
You were just like a shadow that walked passed
I didn't even see your face
Or hear your voice
Just like all the other days

One day without you
Is just like any other day in my life
The phone still wouldn't ring
The flame almost die
Trace of tears dried
You don't know me
You don't even care
I think it's time to let go
I'm looking forward to another sunrise

~This poem was heavily influenced by "Boston" by Augustana.
Partly based on real life, but mostly imagination, just like most of my other poems...
Wish these words can be lyrics to a melody...

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