Sunday, January 25, 2009

End of The Road

Maybe this is really the end of the road,
I really thought I was cuddled in safe hands,
Having a companion on this journey of life,
I was wrong,
I am still alone...

The empty promises,
The superficial things
Don't make promises if you don't mean to keep them,
Don't say words that you are unsure of the meanings,
I went so deep,
That I may be drown in sorrow now.

Maybe things will be different very soon,
I am not the kind that will force myself.
My mind today
Had never been clearer ,
or sadder...
The truth hurts,
Like having my heart torn out from its very cavity,
But at least I get the truth,
I may be wrong...

Maybe its time to pack up,
And start a new journey,
Go back to square one,
I actually went no where...
I am always alone to start with,
Why should I long for a companion on this journey of life?
But why am I feeling like I've been broken?
Sadness because it is the end of a beautiful journey?

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