Tuesday, September 1, 2009

G.I. Joe : The Rise of The Cobra - A Review

When I first watched the trailer, I have been wanting to watch the movie. Today, 6 crazy fellows really drove all the way to Ipoh to watch it.

And I wasn't disappointed at all!!

The movie started with the introduction of James McCullen being executed for dealing arms with both sides in 1641. Fast forward to a not so distant future, we saw the heir of McCullen, still selling arms. But this McCullen was much more smarter and evil. He used the NATO funding to develop a technology called Nanomite that eats metal and also control human beings. Then he stole it back to blackmail the world. Our hero, Duke (Channing Tatum) and his comrade Rip, were assigned to deliver the warheads but Ana aka Baroness (Sienna Miller) killed the entire team and almost steal the warheads. The Joes came and rescued everyone. Later on, we were introduced to the elite army of Joes. After a lot of kickass action and the "denaturation" of Eiffel Tower by the Nanomites, the bad guys were caught, couples were formed and happily ever after, for now.

The cast consists of big names with the likes of Dennis Quaid, Channing Tatum, Sienna Miller, Rachel Nichols, and a cameo by Branden Fraser!! The characters have great dynamics!!

The plot is not exactly thick. There were a lot of expected unexpected twists (if you know what I mean, like, you know that kind of "unexpected" things are bound to happen in the movie sooner or later) But the stunts and choreographs are bloody kickass!! YY, Jamie and I were practically screaming and cheering in every action scene possible (the theater was quite empty actually, it is a weekday.) The gadgets are so impossible but they are so cool that I have to disregard the fact that they are impossible. The effects are quite ok actually. A little game- like but still acceptable.

The characters' outfits are absolutely fantastic!! They are either leather clad or suited in extremely cool "uniforms".

My most memorable character is actually Scarlett (Rachel Nichols). She is so hot and cool, at the same time. Her motorcycle chase scenes, though obviously can see that it is CGIs, still manage to awe me even now. And I absolutely love her hair colour!! Imagine me in that colour~~

Though the movie is quite good, but the plot is so tightly wrapped that it leaves little space for imagination. However, it did hint of a sequel coming, since that not all the bad guys are behind bars. Thus, I shall await the sequel!!

Ratings : 7/10. Very entertaining. And definitely very cool.
PS : I do not play the game. Thus, I don't really know if this one is better or worse than the game.

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