Thursday, September 24, 2009

Final Destination 4 - A Review

I watched this with my best friend last Saturday, just for the sake of hanging out.

The movie started with some dude who saw visions of a car crash on a race track where everyone died a gory death. He warned everyone, everyone thought he was crazy and ran out of scene with him until something happens. Then these people who escaped death got hunted down by death and died a horrible gory death one by one, according to the order of who die first on the race track. Dear boy genius and his girlfriend try to change things by disrupting the order as he kept seeing visions of how the next person is going to die. In the end, everyone died a horrible gory death.

Seriously, I will sit through another movie of District 9 and withstand all the blood and gore than watch Final Destination 4. The plot, sounds familiar? Because it is the SAME plot used for all the other 3 instalment. The casts are also unknowns that do not even need to do a good job acting. All they have to do is act bimbotic, skeptical, and the ending scene for every actor is always the orgasmic shock face with blood and gore everywhere.

But I do have to applaud the creativity of the movie. Tampoons as ear plugs? Pool drainage that suck out people's innards? On fire while being dragged by a chain? Very creative deaths indeed!! Even the initial visions of deaths seen by the dude whose name I can't remember and don't really want to find out, are incredibly creative deaths. I never thought of tire decapitation or a flying piece of shrapnel cutting people into halves. But very impossible too. Didn't the production team watch Mythbusters on Discovery Channel? It is IMPOSSIBLE to suck one's intestines out using a pool drainage.

Alas, I guess "horror" movies like these aren't meant to have logic or a proper plot. They are just entertainment, entertainment where the audience takes pleasure in watching people die. Well, this is certainly a better form of entertainment watching people die in the movies than watching people die fighting in the Colosseum or something.

Ratings : 5/10. Visual was not too bad but my stubborn brain just keep telling me that this is one movie that tried too hard.

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SJ said...

mostly bout oil and oxygen which trigger heat which then caused fire. haha. the ending is weird. but indeed they died in pieces. haha.

From me to you, suejean =)

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