Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Los Angeles Wildfire Time Lapse

I found this random clip on YouTube. This is a time lapse of Los Angeles Wildfire. The owner of this clip recorded the whole thing from his balcony from sunrise to sunset on 29 August 2009.

We can obviously see the smoke in the sky and at night, we can see the fire ravaging the woods. The smoke appeared as if they are exploding out of each other. As the night falls, we can see the fire devouring the forest near housing areas. The scenes are eerily beautiful yet very scary.

Somehow, I wonder, if there is anyone hurt from this wildfire. Are the authorities doing enough t save the forest? From the comments in YouTube, it appears that the people living near this area are not even concern about the fire. How can people be so ignorant when it comes to the environment? How can people be so oblivion about things around them?

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