Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Year 1 Semester 1

The title is so cliche but I can't help it...

I am proud to say that I've "survived" Degree Year 1 Semester 1!! Well, compared to Medicine and many other courses, Biomedical Science is not really that cut-throat, but it is rumoured to be the most difficult bioscience course in UTAR.

Biotechs and Chemistry,
don't shoot me...
That's what the admin said...

Anyway, I have to say that this semester is really an eye opener to experiences and situations. I took part in the organising committee of Blood Donation and also Welcoming Concert and became friends with a lot of people, not to mention the experience of sharing among guitarists who performed in the concert. It was really a good experience as I learned a lot. Then I joined the New Village Project and visited the small town of Malim Nawar. This project was really interesting as the materials to work on was cool. I learned a lot about managing and communication through this project. I also became helper for the Festival of the Minds and met a lot of incredibly cool people!! Thanks to everyone involved in the process of these projects cause I really learned a lot from everyone!!

Part of the Welcoming Concert organising committee

Team of Blood Donation Campaign

New Village Project

Kevin the guitarist and Qian the camwhore king

Academic wise, well, not all are smooth- sailing... In fact I've mastered the art of last minute work!! But thanks a lot to friends and course mates who are willing to teach and share. Reports were really energy-draining but fun at the same time. I have to admit that I am a little disappointed with the system as not much brain storming or "akal" is used. It is really rote learning... I wonder what happen to holistic learning? Anyway, thanks to Zarry and Levnn for the rides to and fro campus. And thanks to my course mates who gave me a helping hand when I need them, especially Yang Kiat, Snack King, Zarry, Hui En, Kumutha and many many others.

Last outing with Goldon before he took off to Russia

This semester, I was a little crazy and definitely more daring. I remember the time where YY and I went drinking, or mostly she and Andrew drink, and that was like the weekend before a mid term paper! I also remember the insane day trip to Ipoh just to watch G.I Joe. Of course, I managed to gobble up an entire season of House despite it is Finals season. In this 14 weeks, I've discovered a little obsession for shopping and dresses!! I also went a little insane on guitar learning and posted two covers on my blog although I am really a beginner. Thank you YY, Andrew, Vee, KKY, Nicole, and everyone else for the good times. Thank you Ben for the encouragement to continue guitar.

Kumutha and Nicole in McDonalds

Jamie and I in Jusco

I also did double piercings and dyed my hair red. Not really bright flaming red, but a hint of red which a friend of mine described as "mysterious" cause one moment it was there, reflected by the light, and the next it wasn't there anymore. And I like it!!

The piercing was some time ago though...

Just dyed...
Now you can see my hair is brownish as the colour fades...

Besides all the crazy stuff I did, I enjoy Thursday dinners with my beloved Cheryl and YY. It was the night where I saved up whole week and eat really good food on that particular night. Huge thanks to Cheryl for driving us out. And gosh, the speeding on empty road with windows down and music blast to the max was EXHILARATING!!

Sushi King's giant sushi which I forgot the name

Japanese food which, again, I forgot the name of...

Of course, cooking with Vee and YY is enjoyable as I get to experiment with food and also try other cooking style. Spaghetti Night was a little insane... (I mostly enjoyed watching Vee's face when she ate the sour sauce)

Kumutha's Assam Fish

Penne with Cheese and Herbs

Alas, one semester has come to an end. I am now planning my semester break. Looking forward to trips and outings... Anyone wanna go out for yumcha or movies can gimme a call, I'll try to arrange.

Goodbye UTAR...
Hello Home Sweet Home!!

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Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ryanne, do your best and exceed yours and everyone's expectations.....
here's wishing you the best of the best.
Have a great week, Lee.


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