Monday, September 14, 2009

Phone Booth - A Review

This one is recommended by YY and Kumutha. The movie is only 1 hour plus and a really thrilling destressor.

The movie opened with a fascinating narration which I am pretty sure was not by Don LaFontaine, though it provides the same deep voiced comfort. Then we see a man (Colin Farrell) strutting on the street, talking on the phone, in his expensive Italian suits, with self importance. This man is a publicist and he cheated in everyday life to make a living. He stopped at a phone booth everyday to call his "love interest" while he was married. This day was just like any other day. After cheating people in his business, he stepped into the phone booth, took off his wedding ring and called his "love interest", played by Katie Holmes.

After his call, the public phone rang and he picked up. His day took a 360 degrees turn as the call was from a sniper threatening to kill him unless he does everything he was told to do. A series of terror occured and the sniper shot at a few guys. This one is a thriller with a surprising ending. Thus, I shall not spoil it by continuing the story. Just watch it for yourself.

This movie has a relatively simple plot. The effect weren't spectacular, so to speak. But the acting was SUPERB!! The cast consists of Colin Farrell, Forrest Whitaker, Katie Holmes and many other notable actors. It really impressed me that Colin Farrell was talking to the phone with such emotions and expression while he was actually talking to himself on the set. And the utter terror shown by Farrell and Whitaker while it was really on the set and they were perfectly safe. And I also think that it is pretty creative to tell a 1 hour plus story revolving an ordinary phone booth.

Ratings : 6/10
Comments : Good movie to take a break with. Nice thriller but not the kind that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Good for people with the risk of heart attacks. For those who want to induce heart attack, look elsewhere.

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