Sunday, September 6, 2009

Music by Tyler Ward

I was totally insane over Jason Mraz the entire week after my dad passed me live concert CDs from Jason Mraz.

Any one who wants the song can contact me.
I'll try to zip it and email to you guys.

I just noticed that how creative and original he is because all his performances are different, in terms of singing style, guitar playing style and also lyrics.

I seriously wonder if he planned it all out
or just make it up as he goes!

However, this song totally break the cycle, thanks to Kuen May's great recommendation. This is a cover by Tyler Ward on The Fray's Never Say Never.

I personally think that it is better than the original. Naturally, I am strumming away on my own guitar, trying to imitate the playing (which I am no where near) Gosh, finals is next Friday and I am learning a new song?

Another one by Tyler Ward is Wonderwall by The Oasis. I already love the original but this one is equally nice. Love the vocal arrangement and the unique guitar strumming (FYI, I don't know why I can't strum like that!!)

The acoustic cover bug must have caught me!!

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