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Don't Gimme That - Album Review

Few days ago, Ben posted some band on his blog.

Next thing I know, I am playing their album on loop for 5 hours straight.

This is a German Band consists of 17 year old Vivien Eileen as lead vocal, 20 year old Moritz Keith and 22 year old Andreas Gerhard as guitarists, 19 year old Maximilian Forman as bassist and 16 year old Felix Keith as drummer. This band absolutely ROCK!! I love the music and the arrangement of the songs. Vivien Eileen's very teenage Avril Lavigne style definitely ROCK!!

You can download their album by clicking HERE (link not tested)

From their album Don't Gimme That... Here is my first album review...

01 No More Days To Waste
The opening song of the album. The bridge promise a fun song and the chorus is addictive. The rhythm of the song is quite addictive too! Makes me wanna shake my head to the beat of the music. And I absolutely love the vocals on this number. Vivien reached all the high notes and her voice take off so beautifully!

02 Can You Hear Me Boys
The opening guitar was enough to excite me already! This song strut of girl power and confidence. The lyrics are cheeky and fun. And again, the rhythm of the song is energy- packed. And the walkie- talkie ending is simply creative!

03 Don't Gimme That
The quiet starting was surprising after the two very energetic songs before. The bridge and the chorus is where the attitude comes in. This is some sort of a heartbreak song, with a tinge of sadness, disappointment and angst, but it doesn't carry the usual emo-ness in a heartbreak song. The fade out ending definitely complete the song in a really perfect way.

04 Fear of Tomorrow
The opening guitar play is kinda cool and I was sort of anticipating some great energetic song. The lyrics were good and kind of inspiring. The rhythm has yet to fail to impress me. The bridge guitar play and the chorus is addictive. Even when I am not listening to the song, I can hear that bridge guitar play in my head!! Plus, the effect of this song, the megaphone sort of voice over suits the song perfectly.

05 Walk Away
After 4 energetic songs, this one is a slower number. The use of piano surprised me at first but it brought out the emotion of the song perfectly. There was one part where the guitar has a solo play. Love that part!! And Vivien's voice is so emotional and raw! A different song from the others, nonetheless, still amazed me!!

06 Don't Hurt Yourself
Very interesting opening. Smart use of effects and brilliant lyrics. I would say that this song is a combination of style where the rhythm and beat is very much alike with the first two songs. And the chorus carries the similar tune to "Walk Away". But what I love best about is the lyrics of the song. "Don't hurt yourself, Cause you are gorgeous." It seems like this song are focusing on a bigger issue that people seldom acknowledge, suicide or self mutilation due to general perception of "ugliness". I like the slow-down technique used at the ending.

07. Wake Me Up
The tune of the song was a little boring and similar to the rest of the songs. But Aloha From Hell are creative in a way that this song delivers not only energetic melody but a story. At the bridge, there was an interesting play of keyboard and effects, which kind of amused me. I also find the chorus where Vivien repeatedly sang "Wake Me Up" especially helpful when I am feeling sleepy studying.

08. Hello, Hello
This song reminds me of "Can You Hear Me". They really love using the walkie- talkie effects here. Listening to this song reminds me of Avril Lavigne, in Sk8ter Boy. Very angst filled and attitude. Really a kickass song!

09. How Come You Are The One
This number is a little boring. Though it is energetic but not as enthusiastic as the earlier songs as the tune is really similar to the rest. Again, they employ the walkie- talkie effects, though in a suitable sort of way, but fail to evoke the same awesome-ness. However, this song is still pleasant because the rhythm really entice me to shake my head according to the high- angst guitar play.

10. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun'
I like the chorus of the song where I really sang along with Vivien. This 2.53 song is enthusiastic and fun. The rhythm is great and the guitar play, though not really obvious but the treble play was kinda good, especially at the ending. Great energy!

11. You
Vivien kicked off the song with attitude and the bass and guitar came in at perfect timing. Vivien's voice sound a little strained but the energy of the song is just explosive. The lyrics make the song a really good "Fuck-You" song. It is not mean or bitchy, but it delivers the angst perfectly. I specially love the bridge of the song, where it is slow and steady, like a short rest before continuing another round of shouting "You". Great arrangement there!

12 Catch Me If You Can
This one is energetic and enthusiastic and addictive!! The guitar solos at various part of the song added fun into the song. The drums totally brought out the attitude of the song. The bridge gives a mysterious vibe, then the song shoots right back into rocking the world with power! The funky guitar play right before the song ends is awesome!

13 Don't Gimme That (Rock Version)
The rock version of this song is obviously less quiet than the original one. The guitar technique and the effects employed transformed this song. This one has more angst and attitude to it and there isn't really the sad or disappointment feeling in the song. The drums are played a little different when compared to the original. The rock version is equally unique as the original.

Overall : Great album. Since I was playing the song on loop for 5 hours, it is guranteed not a boring album.

Ratings : 8/10

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