Thursday, May 27, 2010


I was browsing through a number of my friends' blogs and websites.
And I noticed two things :

Disclaimer :This is merely MY observation and MY personal opinion and interpretation formed based on these observations. I have NO intention of offending anyone. Opinions and intellectual spars are very much welcomed.

1. Almost ALL of them are blogging about exams.
Universities and colleges are having Finals these days
*with the weird exception of UTAR where we have very different semester schedule than the rest of the world*
SPM-ers are having their mock Trials or unified mid terms now.
*Trial exams are mock-real SPM. Now we have mock Trials that mock Trial exams that mock the real SPM. Redundant.*

2. Student bloggers can be divided into THREE obvious major category
*of course there are other minority but I am going to talk about the three MAJOR ones*

Category 1 : High Achievers
Born genius, work damn hard, become geniuses and scoring the elusive 4.0 CGPA or very close to 4.0 CGPA, like 3.9999. And they blog about missing that 0.0001 or "the higher purpose of education". I do enjoy very much reading the "higher purpose of education" posts with rare insights and creative opinions but readng about 0.0001 miss is a real turnoff since you people are so rare. I guess these geniuses have way too much brain power to ponder upon much complex issues compared to the Gifted Learners.
*Yes, I understand the quest for perfectionism. I WAS a High Achiever, that is until reality smacked me in the head with grades.*

Category 2 : Gifted learner
Not very bad grades, but not good enough either. Not very ambitious, but with a certain personal standard to achieve. Still dreaming of getting CGPA 4.0 even though hanging onto dear life between the deadly cliff of pass and fail. The Gifted Learners are too busy chasing grades than to ponder upon the noble purpose of education or the flaw in the system even though some know that grades are not everything and understanding the purpose of education is equally important as getting grades. Alas, we shall leave the pondering to the academic elites...

Category 3 : Creative Learners
This category consists of many types of students but all hold dearly to the same principle: "Work Hard, PLAY HARDER!" They couldn't care less about grades because "it is just a paper qualification that only reflect how much you can study." and they couldn't care less about the purpose of education because "I play harder than I work." How I envy this group of carefree students!

Finally, I wish all my friends and fellow bloggers GOOD LUCK IN YOUR FINALS in all your respective universities.
To High Achievers,
say HELLO to another position in the Dean's List or the President's List!
To Gifted Learners,
the sky is not too far to reach.
To Creative Learners,
please try not to set the exam paper on fire with your mind during the exams! ;)


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