Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fringe - A Review

I have finished Season 1 and almost finishing Season 2 now....

And I am endlessly being impressed by whatever that happens in the series!
Freaking awesome, literally!

Fringe is a TV series about FBI agent Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) who recruited eccentric scientist, fringe science frontier and former mental institution patient Dr Walter Bishop (John Noble) and his equally brilliant but cunning (in a nice way) son, Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) to investigate series of unexplained phenomena known as The Pattern. This stuff includes flesh dissolving viruses, man-morphed creatures, chimeras, time travelling, inter-dimensional travels, mind control, memory reading, reanimation and all sorts of stuffs. It's the new generation of X Files, minus the creepiness.

The main characters Peter Bishop, Olivia Dunham and Walter Bishop

The entire Fringe division

I like it that the stuff there seems to be scientifically possible but not quite achievable in the next, maybe, two decades. I like it that most things on the show are factually accurate but not quite imaginable. It is like manipulating and bending known science theories to accomodate all these wild ideas! This, in my humble opinion, is what triggers imaginations and really start off some serious research!

I love the plot of each episode. Though to some people, there might be a certain predictability in the episodes. After all, it's a one hour show with an obvious introduction, conflict, climax and resolution. But, there is a main story with a bigger picture here. Each episode, we discover more about the characters and add some knowledge regarding The Pattern. It is really addictive!

And I officially have a HUGE lesbian crush on Olivia Dunham! She is so cool and so fearless! She draws her gun, watch her steps and she never lets the bad guys go unpunished. But she is flawed in some ways, like being emotional, too perfectionist, focus too much on work, etc, stuff that most people can relate to. But I think her character is where these people can draw strength from and say to themselves, "I can do this!"

And I also absolutely love Peter Bishop. Just cause he is handsome. In the rugged way. Like he can be mean if he has to, but most of the time he is very nice.

However, my favourite character has to be Dr Walter Bishop. His character is conflicted in so many ways. He was not a kind man who attempted all kinds of nasty tests on human. But now that he is old and apparently has repented, you can't help but to sympathize him. And his oblivion cravings or wants for certain food or item is absolutely funny. He provides the comical relief in this mostly heavy and serious show!

All I can say is.... WATCH THE SERIES!!

Ratings : 9/10. Must watch if you are into Sci- Fi. Must watch if you are into facts and figures and imaginations. Must watch if you want thrill and excitement!

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