Friday, May 28, 2010

Tooth Fairy - A Review

There is only one word to describe the entire movie


Wash up ice hockey star dubbed (ironically) the Tooth Fairy crashed young children dreams got a summoned by Fairy Land to perform two weeks punishment as, you guess it right, the Tooth Fairy. In the end, Tooth Fairy learned his lessons as a tooth fairy and restored dreams, which lead him to his very own happy dreams come true. Then everyone lives happily ever after.

Chuck originality out the window. Throw soundtracks out the door. Shove cinematography into the bin. I don't even want to talk about directing or editing or any of the technical stuff. Cause this is one dumbass comedy show that I totally enjoyed based on three things.

Number 1 : Absurdity. Seriously, how cliche can this be? The writers didn't even take the effort to exceed our expectations.

Number 2 : What is more hilarious than to watch the fearsome famed wrestler THE ROCK who debuted in the acting scene as the cruel legendary Scorpion King donned on wings and tutu?

Number 3 : The little boy who played Randy who played awesome electric guitar! The actor was Chase Ellison. According to IMDb, he was born in 1993, which means he is suppose to be 17 years old this year. Why the hell he can look like a 10 year old kid that totally stole my heart with renditions of Eric Clapton's musical pieces?

Ratings : 4/10. It should be lower if it wasn't for the dude who played impressive guitar. Only watch when you have absolutely NOTHING to watch.

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