Sunday, May 16, 2010

Iron Man 2 - A Review

After much anticipation, I FINALLY GOT TO WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!

The last time I actually watched a movie in the cineplex was... half a year ago... So, this one was really really exciting for me!

And the movie didn't disappoint me!

The movie picked up right after where the first one ended, after Tony Stark made the announcement that he is Iron Man. So, the world applauded his effort while the politicians were after his "privatised world peace" business. Then somewhere in Russia there was a man named Ivan Vanko (Mickey Rourke) creating some high tech weapon equally powerful as Tony Stark's and he seeked revenge from Stark. Then, the rest of the story was pretty cliche; Stark made Pepper CEO of the company, Vanko attacked Stark; Stark went out of control; Military tried to control Stark; Stark's competitor Justin Hammer hired Vanko; Vanko attacked again; Stark gained some sense; Stark saved the world; Stark kissed Pepper; They all lived happily ever after.

But, I have to applaud Scarlett Johansson as the super spy, Natasha Romanoff aka Natalie Rushman here. She is uber HOT and very very efficient in her work, undercover and not undercover. I credit that to the latex suits but really, she has got nice flaming red hair to go with her killer eyes. (Yea, I have a thing for red- haired girls)

Seriously, she is smokin' HOT!

Pepper Potts, unfortunately, simply fades into the background even when she is strutting around giving instructions.

There was also a change of casts where Don Cheadle plays Rhodey. I gotta say I like the previous Rhodey better cause this Rhodey is way too serious and very not fun to watch. Iron Man 1 was two funny dude joking around while one makes hell out of everything while the other secretly keep an eye on the other. Iron Man 2 is like watching Tony Stark do stupid things and Rhodey so fail to discipline him.

Rhodey with his big ass gun

Tony Stark chilling around not fighting evil

However, this movie is still packed with punches and loaded with so much action it blows off the audiences' mind. Except the fact that when we have finally settle into the fight scenes and cheering on for more explosions, Iron Man and Mr Sidekick decided to try to blow each other off and kill the villain. The climax is so anti- climax. And the ending was like the director shouting to the audience "Alright, I've blown enough stuff up, so let's get cheesy." I was sitting on my seat, satisfied with the actions, but still thinking "What? That's the end?"

The soundtracks were nothing short of fantastic, and the cinematography is superb. CGIs are pretty believable too. I mean, we all know that Iron Man suit was CGI-ed onto Robert Downey Jr. But it was believable. And that tentacle lightning whip thing was pretty impressive.

Ratings : 8/10. Not as good as I want it to be but definitely as good as expected. Oh, I forgot to mention that Samuel L. Jackson made a cameo appearance here!

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