Thursday, May 20, 2010


This is the story about three people, living in a world, looking for something call "Love".

DISCLAIMER : This is purely something that sprouted randomly out of my mind. Maybe I am being very cynical after watching the very very very cheesy Valentines' Day; Or maybe I am being very betrayed after a "close friend" told me that "we barely know each other."*ouch*
And the gender conotation DOES NOT represent that only men or women are like that. It's just there to make my story-telling easier. ;)

The Egoist
This Egoist needs to have a girlfriend/boyfriend to feel good. The Egoist uses a relationship to reassure himself, to tell himself that he is desirable, he is "in demand", he is good enough, he is worthy enough. The Egoist needs The Other Half to secure himself, to boost his ego and self- confidence. The Egoist is almost always in a rebound relationship and constantly say that "I need to FIND a boyfriend/girlfriend."
My note to The Egoist : You don't FIND love, love comes knocking on your door. Why are you LOOKing for someone to decorate your arm all the time?

The Needy
The Needy actually doesn't need anything. She only needs to have a girlfriend/boyfriend to "just be there" or to "just have someone". She doesn't really love, or even like The Other Half but need The Other Half to do her bindings. She needs The Other Half to be her Driver, ATM machine, sex machine, washing machine, vending machine, dish washer, car washer, floormat, etc. And all the while The Needy THINKS that she loves The Other Half but at the first sight of trouble, she fleds.
My note to The Needy : Love is something sacred. Don't use it as a commodity.

The Invisible
He is not invisible at all. But he comes quietly and goes quietly. The Invisible takes care of The Other Half silently, supporting The Other Half from behind, helping The Other Half from the side, shielding The Other Half in front. And when the time comes, he walks away, even when it is very painful to do so. The Invisible often gets overworked and underpaid. The Invisible takes The Other Half exactly the way he/she is, good and bad. The Invisible would rather take a second seat in The Other Half's life so that he can be in his/her life.
My note to The Invisible : There are so many of you, yet so little of you.

Writer's note : When I draft the post, The Egoist was in the image of someone who hurt The Moon; The Needy was in the image of someone I personally disagree with; The Invisible was in the image of my dream love. Now that I've finally finished writing this post, I suddenly realised one thing. I have written The Invisible completely in the image of my parents. And reading back, I felt like I was The Needy at times. And everyone has a little Egoist in him/her. Who doesn't want attention or reassurance from The Other Half? Why do human, unlike animals, get marry and live with someone? Simply because we want The Other Half to witness our lives and to reassure ourselved that we've lived.

I was naive when I drafted this post. But after writing, I felt that I've grow up, just a little. Therefore I still want to post this and share.

And to tell my family and all my friends, THANK YOU FOR BEING A PART OF MY LIFE, no matter how brief or how shallow...

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