Monday, May 24, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 - A Review

I have finally finished watching Season 6.

And to quote Mia Michaels, Season 6 did blew Season 5 out of the water!
We have several history in the making (or made) here, with not one, not two BUT THREE tappers on the Top 20. We have the first ever married couple in the Top 20. And we have the first ever Krumper on the show! And it was great!

Not wanting to give away who got into Top 10 or Top 6 or even win the show, I shall keep mum about the results. But gosh, this season's winners and finallists are so great that they deserved to be where they are! I personally see a lot of growth in Russell and Legacy, both not having formal dance education, yet perform equally well as classically trained contemporary or jazz dancers. And I seriously think that Ryan and Ashleigh should not be doing ballroom but go for contemporary instead. Ashleigh dance so well in contemporary.

My personal favourite male dancer is Jakob Karr and my favourite female dancer is Kathryn McCormick cause the both of them are AWESOME!!!

Let me share with you some of my personal favourite routines on the show in no order...

The pairing of Legacy and Kathryn. Now, the both of them are not technically awesome, especially Legacy, whom I thought cannot survive in the show since he seemed to be unable to do anything else but B-Boy. But he proved me wrong and grew so so so much. Kathryn, is as usual, great!

Now, Ryan and Kathryn... is like the dream team of ballroom dance. Ryan is strong and steady and Kathryn is flexible and graceful. And they are both so HOT on the floor!

Back to Legacy, his performance with Ellenore is one of my top favourites this season. The routine was said to be the most dangerous routine in the season and one that could win Travis Wall an Emmy for Best Choreography. They brought Mr & Mrs Smith to a whole new level!

Now, take a look at Kathryn and Russell. We all know that Russell is a fantastic Krumper but he is not necessarily a good hip-hop dancer. Kathryn, no doubt, is one of the best contemporary/jazz dancer, but in this number, she got down and dirty!

Back to something more romantic, this number by Mollee and Jakob is beautiful. Its Viennese Waltz, in a very beautiful and flawless way. Both of them keep the fluidity going in the dance. Just wonderful to watch!

Our married couple, Ashleigh and Ryan... Despite lasting very long in the show, they only got to dance together twice on the stage, and only once competitively. And this number is the one and only competitive dance. Take note of the emotions and the chemistry. This is going to be one of their fondest memories in life!

Now, finally, both of my favourite dancers dancing together! Jakob and Kathryn! Two wonderful contemporary dancers, doing a beautiful choreography, with beautiful Michael Buble's voice. Simply lovely!

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