Friday, May 28, 2010

Ninja Assassin - A Review

I thought the trailer was cool.

The statement above is totally true. Because that is all where the best scenes were. Sorry to say, the rest of the movie was boring.

This is a movie about Raizo (Rain) being trained as a ninja assassin by the Nine Clans since young but then he betrayed the clan and fought against them when they caught his first love running away and ran a sword into her heart. US forensic researcher Mika (Naomie Harris) was investigating a series of deaths in town and somehow traced it back to the Nine Clans and soon ninjas came knocking her door. Raizo came to rescue and in the end, the evil guys were killed and everyone lived happily ever after.

First of all, the storytelling sucks. There were way too much unnecessary scenes all over the movie. Yes, we all know Rain has great body. Yes, we all know ninjas were great. Yes, we all know how usually forbidden lovers fall in love and try to maintain that love. Yes, we all know there will be blood when a sword cut into flesh, etc. Everything was in excessive, rendering the movie empty with little essential parts.

Next, the action was good, way too smooth, as if the rest of the ninjas voluntarily walked into Raizo and be willingly sliced apart. And the moves were so well choreographed that it offended me as an audience. I am not stupid. Why is it that everyone dies but Raizo? If the ninjas really are as mysterious as mentioned in the opening sequence, why is it that the police armed with only guns can beat the crap out of ninjas in their very own turf? Why is it that Raizo risked his life for Mika whom he barely know? So many plot holes that not even Rain can hold it together!

Ratings : 3/10. Waste of time. Barely memorable. Excessive everything non-essential. Way too much blood and gore.

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