Friday, November 7, 2008

Who is Obama, really?

After 21 months of campaigning and rally, the longest electorial campaign in US history had came to an end. Senator Barack Obama is now the President Elect Obama. Many US citizens were attracted by his slogan for change and also his charismatic speeches.

Now, who exactly is Barack Obama?

One thing I know is that, a person's handwriting rarely lies...
I found this online.... Don't know how far it is true... But, as an amatuer graphologist myself, I think the analysis was right in some ways...

First it reveals a pleasant personality having a degree of charm. Obama likes to take on responsibility. He is creative and fairly intelligent has good integrity according to his belief system.

The most troubling thing about him (according to his handwriting) is if he were to be come president is his inclination to gloss over details. He will go for the big picture but without a full plan--or maybe with no plan--and hope the correct foundation gets laid and things work out. If he is lucky others will step in and fill the gaps, but if his is not then disaster could result.

He is also quite secretive so don't assume he gives us all this thoughts or plans.

The most striking additional detail is the size of the "B" and "O" in his name in relation to his regular writing as well as the page in which he places his signature. They are very large filling up about half a page. This shows a tremendous desire to be the center of attention. Usually the only place you see a signature like this is in the acting profession where the desire to draw attention to themselves causes them to enter the profession. This desire for attention is also a glamour which all servants of mankind must master.

On the positive side his handwriting shows good intelligence, good rhythm and charm. He has lots of confidence and exudes personal energy. He is very creative and probably could have been an artist or actor if he put his mind in that direction.

His thoughts are very fluid rarely is there a lack of words in his reserve. This makes him a resourceful public speaker and his creativity makes him an interesting one.

He has some a great sense of rhythm and timing and good sense of intuition (using the standard definition of the word).

His personality appeal is likely to be mistaken for spiritual energy by many. To find the real man one must carefully examine what he actually says rather than how he says it.

For instance on many issues Obama insists he has a plan but does not tell us what the plan is. This was the same approach Richard Nixon used. After he was elected, it turned out he had no real plan but pretty much flew by the seat of his pants.

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