Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Geek in Blue

I’m just walking on the roadside
One hand in my pocket
Just waiting for my stars to come
I’m just waving at the sky
With a crooked hat on my head
and I’m waiting for the stars to shoot by

It started somewhere in November
Just right after October
At a westlake houses near the lake
It's the beginning of another hell on earth
Praying for my guitar to work
O work the magic so I stay alert
C'mon take a look now
Take a look at me now
I'm just a geek in blue
Waiting for my shooting stars to shoot

I’m just cycling near the fishful of lake
With one hand on the handle
And the other on my head
and I’m waiting for my sun to come out
I’m just a curious poor student
with my head in the books
and I’m praying for my A's to come

Sure you never gonna guess
That I actually hate maths
And I have no idea what I am doing with differentiation
Because it all amounts to nothing in the end
Unless you count the paper in my waste paper basket
Which I will throw them out off the window soon
I've been paying close attention to the lecturer's talk
Like a cow will listen to the piano song
I’m a geek in blue waiting for my doom to come
Got nothing to brag or boast
because I’m picking up my guitar
To strum all night
Raising a pitch so high
Windows might just break into slices
But my stress level rocketting up the sky
Cause I’m touring in the world where Newton led his life
See I got handful of notes with nothing in my head
And I'm just waiting for my shooting stars to come by

I'm a geek in blue
with my hand in my pocket
and I’m waiting for my stars to come by
I’m a geek in distress
with my hands pulling my hair
and I’m hoping no F's come by
I'm just a geek in the blue
with my guitar pick in hand
and I'm waiting for my stars to come by

See I’m a down-to-earth person
With my guitar here I’m ready to play
And I can only play twelve notes
Hoping my fingers don't cramp
I'm a music disaster
My brain is not right
All the maths in a mess
They say I'm crazy
But maybe they've got their truth, alright?
I just ain't smart enought to do my maths

Yeah! Something’s different in my world today
Well I forgot how to do maths today
I'm just a geek in blue

~~crappy post.... this is what maths do to me....
well.... gota credit Jason Mraz for the inspiration.... It's very much like "Curbside Prophet" which is one of my favourites.... But this is a crappy lyrics by the Geek in Blue--ME!!~~

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