Sunday, November 23, 2008


Were those the words spoken
That miracles happens but just not to me
Things always gonna happen naturally
And I'm looking on the bright side
And smiling all the way through hard times
But those words are whispered to my ears
And the dark night filled with stars
Until the first light seen at dawn
Another day to sing about the magic in life

And it's okay if things have to go away
But remember the messages conveyed
And if I ever forget in any way
If nothing else remain
The words will forever stay
Cause I'll remember everything said

Once in a blue blue moon
Miracles may happen soon
Words that said put away the fear
And walk into the new world of mysteries
And open your eyes and see
And grab the chances with both hands
Even if it means falling hard later
But never forget the process of every part

Words were that miracles happens
Just to everyone but me
But when stars shine my way
I will enjoy the beauty in the dark
And bathe in the warmth of its glow
And if the stars ever fade
I won't miss it because I'm too late
But I'll remember everything said

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