Friday, November 7, 2008

Chronicles of Bicycle: Level 1... Level 2..... Level 3??

Today was bio test.... An entire test on 1 chapter.... 20% out of total course..... And I think I screw up, especially in the labelling parts, because the arrows were like... I don't know where or what they are pointing at.... Maybe I wasn't well prepared enough.... So.... Hah.... Have to kill myself over in finals!!

Anyway.... Zyenyi suddenly mentioned KFC and the next moment we were cycling to Tesco. And.... as usual.... the road wasn't easy.... Cow dungs all over the place!!! And the four of us were laughing our ways to Tesco!! I don't understand why some people prefer to keep so much to themselves and refuse to mix with other people... Seemed to me that time spent with good friends is time well spent. I truly enjoyed their company, making jokes all the way to Tesco!!

And we had a very hearty meal!! Me and Zyenyi ordered snack plate with original flavour and hot and spicy so that we can have a piece of each plate. And that cheesy wedges... Yummy!!! After eating, we were chatting away in KFC and laughing so much... Guess Pepsi made us high!!

Anyway, when we walked out of Tesco and the good news is: It's raining!! Luckily Wee Leng was kind enough to take our bags in her car while the rest of us cycle back. It was sorta cool cycling all the way back, avoiding huge, moist, smell cow dung!! Wee Leng put the idea of avoiding dung like playing games where a vehicle avoid obstacles. So we were laughing away and getting wet in the rain. I don't know why I liked the rain so much... It's relaxing and fun to cycle in the rain.

And we get to see UTAR at night, with the lights on while the sky is not too dark. Block B seemed a bit grand and cool. Moreover, we were cycling in between the skitters and the road dividers!! The greatest part was to cycle down the slope, passed the bridge, and more slope. The cold wind blowing on my face, messing my hair, and the raindrops on my face... The occasional suicidal bug flying into my face..... And we were actually screaming and laughing down the slope.

Then I actually was daring enough to went down the "runway" and cycle near the lake instead on the usual bicycle path. Me and Zyenyi were cycling along the mural patterns on the pathway, and joking about passing cycling license.

When we reached home, we saw Goldon, lost in Westlake!! Haha.... And some secret codes were flying around.... Haha....

I really had a great time. This is like the greatest stress reliever, after such terrible bio test...
And I wouldn't exchange my bicycle with a car!! I'll miss all the fun of getting wet, falling down, swallowing bugs (eeewwww......), cycling in the middle of the road, while my friends are having theirs!!

PS: Thanks mates!! For giving me such a great time!!

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