Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sand Art

Hey guys, I am BACK!!!

Our very famed Ipoh Specialist Hospital DO NOT have internet access... Yes, no WiFi... And very very very slow Streamyx connection, so I couldn't go online since I practically lived in the hospital for the past week. By the way, my grandma was discharged yesterday. She is doing well at home now. Thanks to all the well wishes and encouragement!!

Anyway, I found some really really cool stuff on YouTube and felt so inspired.

Introducing Sand Art (to those who don't know what it is...)
This is one hell of displays of creativity!!

This one really open up my eyes in the art of evolving graphics. The transitions are beautiful!!

This one is from reality TV show "Ukraine Got Talent". This lady is truly talented. She told of a touching story through flawless sand art and very smooth transition.

Cool eh?
Where can I learn this thing?

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