Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Love Story Again and Again

I saw this slightly different version on YouTube. It is also arranged by Jon Schmidt, the guy genius who arranged the original Love Story Meets Viva La Vida. This version is more focused on Love Story, which is a superb song by the way...


I am currently learning Love Story Meets Viva La Vida on my guitar. Mostly inspired by the play by the Jay Brothers in my earlier post. However, Google actually failed me because I couldn't find an acoustic tab! Therefore, I did something INSANE by amateur standard and started doing my own tabs!! It is painfully slow and not quite accurate.

So, if anyone out there happens to have an accurate tab,
please share with me ok?

Today, well, technically, yesterday, I am feeling ridiculously insanely nonchalantly happy over a matter that I am not sure of myself!!

Better to be ridiculously happy
than ridiculously sad right?


Benjamin Chang said...

Good luck on tabbing that awesome song! Yeah, I've tried to search all over using Google but only managed to find the music sheets to the original piano + cello version.

Be the first to tab it for guitar!
Oh, and all the best for your new semester too! Take care!

Ryanne said...

Tabbing is so slow and inaccurate. I spent like two hours on the opening sequence only.

Yup, can't find acoustic tabs. Not even a proper plucking tabs for the two separate songs! I thought I can combine the two songs like I did with the medley... Alas, this is a challenge for a novice...

Thank you... New semester is indeed hectic and exciting at the same time. You take care too!


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