Thursday, October 15, 2009

Love Story meets Viva La Vida

This is a really great cover by the Jay Brothers, Jay Lim and Jay Sern, hailed from our very own Bukit Mertajam. Their fantastic play of acoustic guitar and electric guitar and the display of various techniques are just jaw dropping!!

Though there are some mistakes in the play, but this is a really awesome piece of work!! I specially admire the sliding parts and how fast their fingers move.

Cool huh?

This is another wonderful cover with a little jazzy feel to it in the piano play. This cover is by the Chuah Brothers, one playing the piano, the other playing the "drums" with iPhone application that plays like a drum by tapping fingers on the screen. Smart piano arrangement plus technology? Cool!!

This is a collaboration between Clara and Eddie. Despite all the noise and distraction, I think the performers are awesome. They really capture attention. And I definitely love how they complemented and harmonised each other's singing. Lovely!!

I suddenly feel like playing this song. Sadly, I don't think I am up to that standard yet, and obviously, I have no one to duet with... Alas...


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ryanne, interesting video. Outstanding music. They are certainly very good.
I have always love guitar and piano music.
I have a 38 year old Victor Garcia Flemenco guitar that I fool around sometimes.
But I can't play well, never learned.
Bet you must be good.
Have fun, Ryanne, Lee.

Ryanne said...

Yup, their performances are wonderful. I never learn to play the guitar professionally. I am just teaching myself with the help of Internet and some friends. Thank you for thinking so highly of me, but I am not good at all... Haha...
You have a nice day too!!

Ryanne said...
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