Monday, October 12, 2009

The Bucket List

The original idea came from YY who took inspiration from the movie Bucket List. And being so free during this semester break, I actually did this Bucket List.

A Bucket List is a list of things that one wants to do before one kicks the bucket, meaning die.
Copy this tag, fill in your answers and post them on your blogs, Facebook, Twitter or whatever as "The Bucket List". Your answers can be achievable, impossible or downright ridiculous. After all, life is about dreams, right? Tag 10 person to do this tag as well.

The Big Stuff
1. Visit all the art galleries and museum in Rome and France
2. Backpack through Europe
3. Invent cure for AIDS or terminal cancer
4. Lecture in prestigious university like Harvard or Cambridge or John-Hopkins
5. Perform in a music band or a drama play
6. Go to a runway fashion show and take pictures with models and designers
7. Stay at Bulj Al Arab, the tallest hotel in the world with my entire family
8. Visit all the Ancient and Modern Wonders of the world. Yes, the Pyramid and Stonehenge and Taj Mahal and Eiffel Tower and everything else...
9. Go on a cruise in the Caribbeans with my family
10. Discover medication that solve allergies once and for all

The Simple Stuff
1. Bake a cheese cake on my own
2. Get seriously wasted!!
3. Own an electric guitar with a kickass amp
4. Be a bridesmaid
5. Learn archery
6. Go ice skating
7. Go to a ice cream buffet where I eat ONLY ice cream the entire day!!
8. Grow a plant (I am really a plant killer, so that will be an achievement)
9. Make a complete stranger laugh
10. Learn sign language

The Heart Stuff
1. Lie on grass counting stars with a significant other
2. Dance in the rain with a significant other
3. Say "I Love You" and mean it
4. Date a musician
5. Kiss in the rain or under water
6. Kiss on top of the Empire State Building
7. Hold hands, lie in his chest, enjoying the silence
8. Try all sorts of food while going on a date (Dining is probably the best way to date!)
9. Make him laugh until he cries
10. Visit Paris or France or Rome with him

The Crazy Stuff
1. Have sex in the rain
2. Try food sex... (Chocolate and honey... )
3. Drive a race car
4. Bungee jump from Grand Canyon
5. Go on a roller coaster ride
6. Go bald for a charitable cause
7. Sky diving
8. Learn archery and shoot an apple on someone's head
9. Go para-gliding from some really really really tall place
10. Take a picture with a lion or a leopard or a snake in Africa

The Tagged
1. YY (You gave me the idea in the first place!)
2. Kumutha (And you heard part of my list over dinner already)
3. Nicole ( Do it in Facebook!!)
4. Cheryl (Because it will be interesting)
5. Ben (Because it will be equally interesting)
6. Levnn (Just for the fun of it)
7. Amy Hoo (I mis tagging you!!)
8. HienFuh (My first tag for you)
9. Ciel-Hikari (Cause I never tag you before)
10. Hui Ting (Just interested in your list)

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