Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kill Bill Vol 1 & Vol 2 - A Review

I have a lot of time to kill. Thus, I've watched Kill Bill Vol 1 and Vol 2.

The movie opened with the masacre of a wedding and we saw Uma Thurman being shot by a man named Bill. Then we knew that The Bride was shot in the head on her own wedding by Bill and she fell into a coma for four years. After she woke up, she revenged on all the 4 assassins that killed everyone in the wedding chapel. Before the story ended, we knew that her daughter whom she thought she lost when Bill shot her, miraculously survived. The Bride killed Bill anyway and the end.

The story was relatively simple. The plot is very predictable. But Quentin Tarantino is a genius. Kill Bill is really paying homage to a lot of Asian culture. The cinematography that resembles those classics of the 60's. Of course, the iconic "yellow suit" that many identified with the legendary Bruce Lee. Not to mention, the homage paid to Pai Mei, China Kungfu, Japanese martial arts and many more. Hell, even Uma Thurman looks a bit like legendary Asian star, the late Anita Mui. This movie is like snips of many many Asian elements brilliantly joined together in one movie. However, I do have to say that the soundtrack sucks.

Lucy Liu is so hot playing the Japanese mob!!
She is so elegant, right to the moment her head got sliced off into half!!

Pai Mei, brilliantly played by Hong Kong martial arts legend, Gordon Liu.

They look alike, don't they?
Minus Uma's green eyes and Anita's a little too Asian features...

Anyway, this movie contained quite an amount of blood and gore. This one is not as realistic as in District 9 but still we can see limbs flying around and blood fountain everywhere. It was rather disgusting to see the way Lucy Liu's character die, or watch GoGo the bodyguard bleed. In fact the whole Japanese part involving the murder of Lucy Liu's character was very disgusting to watch. Uma Thurman's The Bride slaughter the entire Yuen Wo-Ping fighting troupe containing a rumoured of 88 or more human. Everyone lose at least one limb or worse, decapitated. It was literally a blood bath for The Bride.

If you love Pulp Fiction, you most probably will like this one. Quentin Tarantino is admittedly one weird brilliant director and script writer.

Ratings : 6.5/10. I heard there will be a Kill Bill Vol 3... (Wait, Bill is dead. Another Bill to kill?)

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