Saturday, September 20, 2008

Walk Away

To my friend who is feeling down.....
To those of you who can relate.....


When the wind blow
I can feel the breeze
But I can't catch it with my very bare hands
When the sun is shining
Right above me
But I can only see the shadow beneath me

Sunshine turning to black and gray
Mouthful going dust and grain
Teardrops falling like heavy rain
Doors and windows closing like insane
I couldn't bear the pain
Can only learn to walk away

Staring into sound and space
Feeling like nothing but a waste
Couldn't recognise any faces
Even though I've been to many places
Often wonder why am I in this phase
Walking in such unknown pace

Life is not always a smooth sail
It is not the easiest way
There is sure to be a few bumps and sway
A few lessons to learn and pay
Don't look back in pain
Just learn to walk away

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