Monday, September 22, 2008

If FAT is UGLY.... Then what is THIN???

I just read a quite offensive blog on a quite well- known blogger's page. It was like, "Hello?? Who gives you the right to insult fat people?? Stop b****ing around!!!"

So, I did a little research online and compiled some of the pictures of models and people.

Since that certain blogger did mention that"Skinny is INN more, than evar alright. Skinny is the new lean. Skinny is perfection. Skinny is beautiful and skinny makes you buffaloes melloes jealous much, eh?"

Girls and women out there, and even guys, please take a hard look at these SKINNY models and women...

If you still think that skinny is the perfection.... Well, it's your body... I prefer to keep my fats....

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