Friday, September 12, 2008

Freaking Out!!!

~ Currently very into Avril Lavigne..... maybe because of her concert....
Sadly, I don't get to go watch.... Anyway, I was listening to her songs, studying for finals, and suddenly.... got inspired to write!!!
Anyone out there who don't think this is crappy..... maybe you can pick up y our guitar and turn this into the next big hit.... Hahaha.... wishful thinking.... ~~

Freaking Out

I wanna scream like I never did before
I wanna jump like the world will now fall
I wanna throw it all away
And start all over again

Cause the finals sucks
I have no idea what I wrote
I don't even remember what I memorised so much
Just the bloody night before

I hate it when I stare at the same damn line
For so many times but don't know what to write
And hearing that annoying ticking sound
Like my time is up and I'm so screwed

I'm freaking out
I wanna scream out all my frustration
I wanna put up a fight
I don't wanna go down so easily

One week had just flown past
I have no control of what is busted
I wanna scream and kick and shout
And hope that tomorrow is another better day

I'm freaking out
And I wonder what I just read
Why can't my brain be a sponge
And take in all the meaningless information

I wanna scream like I never did before
And pray that all that I studied
Will never ever be forgotten
At least till after this very stressful test

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