Friday, September 26, 2008

Movie Craze!!!!

This is sem break. And I am almost bored to my wits because of the sudden absence of work to do. Plus, the internet line is always occupied... Thus, I have no other options but to succumb to movies, lotsa lotsa movies, to avoid fungus or moses growing on me...

~Seriously, besides helping around at home, yelling at my bro, being the occasional driver, I have literally nothing to do!! Haiz. maybe should volunteer in a greater cause or something.... ~

Anyway, I watched Jumper, Hellboy II, Smother, Bourne Trilogy, The Green Mile, Music & Lyrics (again) in this week alone... Gotta catch up on reading too!!!

So, this are my reviews on the movies mentioned above, though most of you guys might have already watched them and render them "cerita basi" or never heard of them...

Hellboy II : The Golden Army
Can I say that the elf prince is cool?? Cause besides having some very ugly "scratches"on his pale face. he is cool. And I am amazed by Guillermo del Toro. He has an amazing imagination!! The most memorable scene was the one where Red, Abe and Johann Krauss enter the elf dungeon for investigation... It was like a scene lifted out from Star Wars ( the original ones) where Luke was looking for Hans Solo, except that the creatures are much more sophisticated and very fascinating. But nonetheless, the storyline is indeed a bit shallow, but I guess we can forgive the script and some forgettable one- liners because del Toro was spending time making up elaborated aliens and creatures!!

Hmmm..... Where do I start? The trailer seemed very promising. The cast included heavy weights like Samuel L. Jackson and Diane Lane. The male lead is young Darth Vader turned Jumper, Hayden Christensen and the female lead is a pretty but unknown budding young actress. But the bottomline is, I felt like I've wasted 2 hours for a visually not-so-impressive movie with a bland storyline. The idea of teleporting yourself to the top of a pyramid for breakfast, went diving in Cuba in the evening, etc, is very cool. It is almost like Howard Hughes of the 21st century. Unfortunately, the amazing landscape shooting doesn't cover up the flaws of the story and very bad acting on Christensen and the unknown female lead part. It is almost like, their job is to look pretty on screen rather than acting the parts out. Alas, don't be cheated by seemingly impressive trailers...

"Everyone wants to be loved. Just not this much."
This is a nice movie that never got to reach our shore on the big screen... What a waste... This is almost like a family movie, with just a slight addition of what some more conservative parents would deemed unsuitable for under 13s. Overall, it is a nice one, which carry the message of family love and care. It emphasised a lot on how much parents sacrifice for their children, and that children should be grateful for that, no matter what your mummy or daddy did. Strong message, amazing cast (Dax Sheppard, Liv Tyler, Diane Keaton, Mike White and many more), touching story and not to mention, the soul of the movie overall, comedic acts!! It is a typical feel- good movie which indeed, I feel good after watching.

Bourne Trilogy
I watched Bourne Ultimatum in the cineplex some time ago. But since I didn't watch Identity and Supremacy, I cannot really appreciate the wholesome of the trilogy. So I thought, "Let's put the Bourne pieces together!" So I marathon all three movies in one go. And I have to admit that the trilogy is a genius! It fits together perfectly. It is not a flop like most trilogies (Spiderman 3, Mummy 3, Star Wars Prequel, anyone?) I can practically "grow" with Jason Bourne in the trilogy, from the anaemia patient to the knowledge of himself as a hired gun. This trilogy also bring the art of parkour to a whole new level, not just leaping off high construction sites like Mr Bond. Not to mentioned, the very well choreographed car chases, assasination, bone breaking fights, the fluidity of close combat, and the nerve breaking time chase. This is the ultimate cat and mouse game, where the predator became the prey. All in all, Bourne Trilogy is a work of genius!!

The Green Mile
I cried at the end of the movie. Okay, this movie is not a tear jerker. It is about a black man on death row, wrongly accused of a crime he did not commit. He was capable of faith healing and the whole movie focused on his relationship with the prison guards. This movie is made almost 10 years ago, so many of you might not have heard of it. But it was a star-cast performance with likes of Tom Hanks, David Morse, Bonnie Hunt, Michael Clarke Duncan and many more well established actors. At times, the story seemed a bit not realistic but its about faith healing, isn't it? In the end, the guards cried when they had to execute him. And he died with peace in his mind, knowing that he will be in heaven. I cried because the movie display the underlying brutality of humanity, the discrimination human are capable of, the ugly truth about human nature but also the friendship and love, the forgiveness, the belief in a higher power, and the courage. This is a movie that is quite boring but if you watch it with an open heart, you may get the message.

Music & Lyrics
I waatched this a dozen times before, and just because it was on Star Movie last night, I watched it again. The difference is, I can now sing along with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. I still can't believe my brother actually knew the lyrics by heart!! Anyway, this movie speak of love spurn from just a few days of working together. Sorry, but I'm not a fan of love at first sight. I still can't believe that Drew Barrymore can easily fall in love with a man possibly twice her age, just after watering his plants and writing a few lines for him. But if you throw away the logic and focus on the movie, it is indeed a quite light- hearted movies with funny memorable lines and catchy songs. Hhhmm.... I can't help but wonder, what would "Way Back Into Love" sound like when it is done the Cora Corman way, ala heavy indian style.

Ladies and gentleman, I am that bored to write a lenghty review like this...
Stay tuned for more... I am now downloading Ocean's Trilogy, Stardust, and more to come!!!

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