Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wonderful Tonight

I watched a live show last night in a cafe. This song was stuck in my head ever since...
Found some nice covers on YouTube as the recording at the cafe wasn't that clear.

Absolutely love her voice. It is thick and powerful. Perfectly evoked the emotions of the song!

Fingerstyling play of the song. It was almost like Eric Clapton's version, but much more detailed. And the technique used!! Totally inspired me to learn this tab!

~Gosh, I have so many plucking songs that I learned halfway and jumped to the next song! And I can only play a handful of songs without referring to the tabs! I am such a bad guitarist!


Willy C. said...

Time and practice will do you good. :)

Ryanne said...

I take that you are an accomplished guitarist yourself?

Haha... I sure hope that practice will make perfect! I am just always attracted to new songs and leave the old ones halfway learned or simply undone~ ^^


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