Saturday, January 23, 2010

Out of the Blues

I wanted to blog but couldn't find anything blog-worthy. Therefore, I think this post is totally incoherent, random and a waste of your time.

I have been observing people quite a lot this week. I noticed a lot of things going on, noticed a lot of interactions between people. I do not aim this at anyone. This is just what I think of things going on around me.

No Safety Know Pain, Know Safety No Pain.
I got injured during Safety Campaign and came down with a flu and later a high fever during the entire duration of the campaign. Irony at its best moment.

Some lecturers like to throw us into deep waters. Like my friend once said, "Playing in deep waters is fun. But the risk of drowning is equally great." I guess sink or swim applies here.

Friends in need are friends indeed.
Nothing more to elaborate on this statement.

Increasing the standard of examination doesn't necessarily bring up the standard of students. IF you really want quality students, get quality lecturers with quality syllabus, not increasing the strictness of the marking scheme. Marking strictly according to the marking scheme only produce memorising machines.

Sometimes, people are just ... I can't find a word for it.
I don't know if you are an idiot or you just pretend to not know. Do you really need the sky to fall down or the clouds to bleed tears to be able to say "I really like you" to someone?

Everyone has a different view on different thing.
Sometimes we just need to step into his/her looking glass to see from their perspective.
Don't be so arrogant to think that what you see and what you know is the absolute truth. Listen to the grass root leaders. They are what made the top level leaders.

Human feel emotions, regardless of what emotion, happy, grateful, sad, angry, disappointed and many more, is because they CARE. When one feels nothing for you, not even angry with you, it means you are no longer in their lives, and that they don't care for you anymore.

Sometimes, I wish you would tell me more. Guessing who you really are is vague. And not productive at all to our friendship. Or maybe it is only me that regard you as a close friend.

Listening to OSTs can be very inspiring and soothing. I love James Horner.

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