Sunday, January 3, 2010

I Want You To Want Me

After listening to the OST of Bandslam, I am very very addicted to this song now!!
It is sung by Aly Michalka, one half of the girls' group Aly & JJ. Love her beautiful voice. And the two insane guitarist!!

The original by Cheap Trick. Might not as explosive as the current covers but this one is the father of other kickass covers! And undeniably, it causes one hell of a rock wave when it first came out decades ago.

Some other kickass versions...

This one by KSM. I don't really like the voice of the lead vocals. But I absolutely LOVE the lead guitarist! She so has got the rocker chic style and attitude!! And the solos are fantastic!

This one by Lindsay Lohan in Freaky Friday. She definitely had the rocker chic attitude. Not to mention her unique voice that suits singing rock songs so much!

Now, this is the song that I wish I have a kick ass guitar to play!
I am so tempted to put up an acoustic cover of this song now. Possible to maintain the rock elements in it? *Doubtful*

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