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Bandslam OST - A Review

As mentioned in my previous posts, I have watched the movie Bandslam and is absolutely in love with their soundtrack.

I have yet to be able to find a working link.
Those who know me personally, you can get the songs directly from me if you are interested.

o1. Rebel Rebel - David Bowie
This song is by legend David Bowie. It opened with one unique guitar riff that got my head bobbing to the equally fun drum beats. Then the vocals came in and added flavour to the song. It feels like a little bit of a disco in rock to me. One hell of a song!
Ratings : 7/10

02. Amphetamine - I Can't Go On, I'll Go On
The song started with high octane fuel guitar and then surprisingly, trumpets. Aly Michalka, one half of girls' group Aly & JJ came in with her sexy voice. The drum beats and the keyboard play is the soul of this number but the really fun part of the song is the trumpets! Another enjoyable part of the song is the consistent performance from the bassist. The ending of the song was also nicely arranged.
Ratings : 8.5/10

03. 24 Hours - Shack
This song sounds a little indie but still enjoyable. This song was by an English band formed in Liverpool in 1986. The style of the music is very 90's but nonetheless, makes me bob my head to the rhythmic guitar play. Lead vocals Mick Head had a rather mesmerizing voice with a smexy accent.
Ratings : 8/10

04. Where Are You Now - Honor Society
The song opened with a melodious guitar play then charged into a sort of slow jam. Lead singer has a special voice that sets him apart from all the other boy bands along this genre. Plus the lyrics are really meaningful. The bass of the song is very very nicely played with mostly palm mute technique. The solo part of the electric guitar part is also very enjoyable. The whole arrangement of the song is superb!
Ratings : 9/10

05. Lunar One - Seventeen Evergreen
This is a slow number that opened with a mellow start by the vocals. Then the band came in with slow drum beats and various use of digital effects. I love the use of violins and keyboard in the music. And the lyrics, though not really meaningful but rather catchy. Overall, this number sounds sad and mellow but still provides a glimmer of hope and some comfort in it.
Ratings : 8/10

06. Femme Fatale - The Velvet Underground
Another stellar appearance of a legendary band in the OST. The beginning of the song was really cute. A nice guitar riff and the unique drum beat that maintains the mood of the song. The backup vocals provided just the right emphasis on the whole setting of the song. As the song progressed towards the ending, we have a very nice rhythmic guitar play then the song sort of faded out. Perfect!
Ratings : 7.5/10

07. Twice Is Too Much - Exist
Piano and acoustic guitar opened the song then electric guitar and drums came in. Then all came to a stop to allow the vocals to demonstrate his prowess accompanied by acoustic guitar. This song has many pauses arranged very nicely in mid song to produce exactly the effect it needed. The use of piano and bass riff provided the right tempo and the acoustic guitar showed the "sensitive" side of the song. The lead guitar play emphasized the mood of the song. Backup vocals were pretty good too, providing the "hopelessly in love" feeling to the song. Nice number!
Ratings : 8.5/10

08. Road - Nick Drake
The plucking of bass guitar, coupled with melodious plucking of the acoustic guitar; it is not country nor pop. The vocals by Nick Drake is very very soothing and nice. It is a rather short song but still one hell of a song.
Ratings : 8.5/10

09. Someone To Fall Back On - I Can't Go On, I'll Go On
A very soothing piano play with the clear vocals of Aly Michalka, I was not distracted by anything and really paid attention to the meaningful lyrics. After the first verse, the band came in with superb performance by the bassist and the drummer. The lead guitar took a side seat to the piano this time. An introduction of cello to the chorus totally gives the feeling of climax of the song. A perfect ending to the song with the full demonstration of each instrument in the song. This is a cover of a song by some classical pianist named James Something. And this song far surpassed the original.
Ratings : 9/10

10. I Want You To Want Me - I Can't Go On, I'll Go On
This is the song that launched me into rocker chic craze!! Military drum sequence that propelled the song into a kickass guitar play. Then the guitar play became rather rhythmic with the drums. I took notice of the bassist's play because the bassist sort of took control of the whole tempo of the song to perfection. The guitar solos were a feast to the ear. It was really really fun shredding with a sort of cheeky playful play. Again, Aly Michalka demonstrated her vocals in this song and far surpassed the original by Cheap Trick.
Ratings : 9.5/10

11. Pretend - Scott Porter & The Glory Dogs
This is a very slow and nice acoustic song by Scott Porter. The bass and piano came in during the chorus and further reinforce the emotions of the song. I love the strumming technique of the song that provided such nice tempo that replaced the drums. The use of "shake shake" melted my heart with the melodious tune. Overall, the song wasn't too "crowded" with effects or instrument that I can actually pay attention to the meaningful lyrics.
Ratings : 9/10

12. Stuck in the Middle - The Burning Hotel
This song is one high-octane fueled son with kick ass guitar play and drum play! This song sounds a little like garage band play with the vocals that sounded like My Chemical Romance. Nonetheless a nice song.
Ratings : 7/10

13. Blizzard Woman Blues - The Daze
Audiences were introduced to quirky guitar play and a very expressive drum play. This song sounded a little crowded to me. However, the band still maintained the playfulness of the song with touches here and there. The sound of the band felt so natural that you just feel like jumping to the beat and the bass! The solo were fantastic with god-like shredding!
Ratings : 7/10

14. Everything I Own - I Can't Go On, I'll Go On
The band built up the anticipation of the crowd with their instruments then the lead vocal, Vanessa Hudgens came in. Maybe it is because Hudgens was singing the song, it sounded generic and very Disney, that totally robbed the rock-ness of the song. There was even one part where Hudgens went awfully off tune! But I gotta praise the band for the play. This song consist of only four basic chords and the arrangement of the instruments extrapolated into such kick ass rock-ness! The trumpets and the drums totally stole the limelight of the song!
Ratings : 7.5/10

15. What Light - Wilco
A country song by Wilco, with very nice music. It sort of provided the feel good feeling to the whole song, if not, the whole album. The tune of the song tempted me to sway to the melody and the lyrics were very catchy and memorable. Perfect closing song to the entire kickass OST album!
Ratings : 8/10

This is a very nice OST album with lots of nice rock songs of the yesteryears and the new decade. Highly recommended!

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