Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pathology - A Review

I first heard of this movie from a friend of mine. He said it was good and I had a certain expectations of standard. It certainly was interesting and mind-boggling.

The story opened with Dr Ted Grey (Milo Ventimiglia) attending the city morgue and working there as a resident. The audiences were then introduced to Dr Jake Gallo, Dr Jullitte Bath and many other doctor residents. They were rather reckless or irresponsible to the corpse in their charge. At first, the audiences were lead to believe that these doctors were just arrogant and numb with their work. Then, the audiences were lead into a lively game between these 6 residents who started this intellectual challenge against each other. These doctors would kill people and brought them to the table where the other 5 would figure out the methods used in killing. The ultimate goal was to perform the perfect murder. The game went on for a while until Dr Grey's fiancee came to town and he decided to quit the game, only that there wasn't a way to quit. So Dr Grey committed one last murder by killing all the doctors involved in the game. Unfortunately, Dr Gallo escaped and killed Grey's fiancee. In the end, Grey killed Gallo for revenge.


The story was way out of mainstream. I would say that this movie was disturbing, with a group of highly-privileged and talented doctors killing innocent people as a sport. I was also mildly disturbed by the way these doctors acted, so full of arrogance that they would never get caught and so self-centred that they lost respect for their own profession. However, I find the idea of the movie very intriguing. I also learned quite a lot of biology and chemistry from this movie.

The cast were virtually unknown. There wasn't much of a soundtrack or effects. The main star of this movie is really the plot itself. How two self-proclaimed genius battled each other, trying to out-smart each other, on the expense of innocent lives. The actors actually did pretty well carrying the movie. It also resembled quite accurate facts on autopsy and the study of pathology. A rather informative movie I think.

Ratings : 7/10. Stay away if you can't stand realistic blood and gore. Stay away if you have a phobia for science. This one is recommended for doctors, biomedics and science students looking for virtual biological excitement that must not be committed in reality.

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