Friday, January 1, 2010


First day of a new year... just like any other day of my life.

I decided to take a glance back at 2009...
Suddenly I really can see how far I've came!

Some memorable events in 2009
1. Taught myself guitar and did some covers
2. Discovered a side of myself that was unknown to even myself (How ironic!)
3. Had my first break up
4. Discovered that fairy tales only happen to Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, (insert own Disney princess). And I am definitely not a Disney princess. So fairy tales don't exist.
5. Grew apart from some friends, got closer with more friends!
6. Joined a UTAR event as committee for the first time
7. Met up with people I know from blogging the first time
8. Stayed up MSN-ing until the next morning (I have never done this before!!)
9. Achieved my academic target in Foundation
10. Built a set of miniature for my best friend's birthday for the first time
11. Party till wee hours in the morning
12. Met a lot of new and interesting friends in Degree
13. Sang karaoke until no voice
14. Played Left4Dead2 and got seriously addicted!!
15. Dreamed of the same guy many many times (No, he is not my crush!) in adventurous situation (He said my dreams can be made into movies!)
16. Did my own guitar tab for Love Story + Viva La Vida
17. Learned to play part of Canon in D Acoustic
18. Ventured into plucking technique
19. Marathon-ed an entire season of "House" in a week!!
20. Became a university certified First Aider!!!

What I look forward to in 2010:
1. New semester with new challenges and new tasks
2. Safety Campaign and Non Smoking Campaign January 2010 to be a blast!!
3. Many many movies!! (Iron man 2!! Legion!! Robin Hood!! Harry Potter!! And many many more!!)
4. Many many books!! (Ben just added a few books into my reading list!)
5. Getting a new phone or mp3 (Saving money now!!)
6. Getting an electric guitar (Saving more money now!!)
7. Have friendships and relationships with people that touch my heart
8. A concert?
9. A public performance by me? (This one still extremely not qualified enough...)
10. UTAR Ball (Do I need to have a date to go?)
11. Learn swimming from my housemates (They promised...)
12. Get healthy by exercising and doing flexibility activities
13. More smiles, more positivity, more learning opportunities, more experiences!!

I don't know what will happen in the future!
But someone has definitely got it in my head

that I should always look at the glass half-full,
not half-empty!

And I really mean it, when I say


at least a ROCK STAR in my own life la!!

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