Tuesday, January 26, 2010

FAME - A Review

I have heard of many good words and reviews of this movie. When I finally got to watch it, I was very astounded by the whole portrayal of the movie.

This movie tells the story of several young aspiring teenagers auditioning to enter the prestigious Performing Arts school. There were dancers, pianists, violinists, actors, rappers and many more. The movie opened with practically every creative performing arts that you can think of. Then the movie progressed into freshmen year where youngsters got to know each other, then into sophomore year, where everyone work extra hard, then into junior year where things started to turn harsh, and finally into senior year where things started to fall into place. The movie, like all performing arts movie, ended with a final showdown at the graduation ceremony.

I was expecting this movie to be like Step Up or so, with talented outcasts that emerged from their caterpillar cocoons and blossomed into beautiful butterflies. I was wrong. The movie was nothing like that, but harsh reality of those pursuing performing arts. The movie doesn't centre around any character or concentrate on a particular storyline. The movie gave space for all the major characters to grow and to develop. The only regrettable thing is that this is a 2 hour plus movie where details of the characters cannot be shown. But to me, it was sufficient enough to tell the story perfectly.

It was inspiring to see Denise (Naturi Naughton) who broke apart from the classical pianist role her parents set for her and answered her true calling of becoming a singer. It was almost exhilarating to watch Malik (Collins Pennie) to slowly break down the walls that surrounded him and emerged as a good rapper. It was also heartbreaking to see the young aspiring director to be cheated by some scam. It was painful to see a male ballet dancer to be told by his teacher that he just wasn't good enough to be a professional dancer. It was disheartening to see Joy who was so wonderful at acting to drop out of school because she was trying so hard to be an actress. I can say that the movie really provided good coverage of the characters' lives to let the audience feel them.

FAME, is, again, a movie centred on performing arts. And of course there were scenes where creativity literally flew off the screen. I totally love the cafeteria duel between two rappers and the rest of the school joined in randomly using their instruments or talents. I also love the dance number by Alice, though I don't really like her character. I especially love Denise's singing. And that guy's beautiful voice. I can feel the emotions when he sang in the class and also in front of the piano in the diner. Superb!

Ratings : 7/10. All the pieces were superbly arranged and choreographed. The storyline wasn't very dramatic but a mild slap of reality. Recommended.

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