Friday, November 13, 2009

Storm by Lifehouse

Lifehouse is one of my all-time favourite bands because of their very sentimental and meaningful style. I was first introduced to this band when I started downloading drama OSTs in Form 2 or Form 3. Since then, I've fallen in love with their sweet serenade that sounds so melancholy but full of hope at the same time.

I am addicted to this song now.
The acoustic and live versions are very much more filled with feelings.
Not to mention lead singer Jason Wade has the voice of an angel.

This is so far the BEST live versions I've listened to...

See how Jason commands the crowd with his beautiful voice? And I so love the guitarist who played the effects to perfection, and the bassist who definitely sets the mood for the song, and the drummer that definitely defines the rhythm of the song!!

I had goosebumps listening to this live performance and I knew it is good stuff!!

I feel like learning this song... But definitely I can NEVER sing like Jason... Who can be my singer?

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