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Orianthi : Believe - An Album Review

At the young age of 24 years old, Orianthi had literally done it all. She opened for Steve Vai, jammed with guitar legend Santana, backed American Idol Carrie Underwood and shared the same stage with the King of Pop, the late Michael Jackson.

Now she is here to conquer the world stage with her very own album - Believe!!

Download her album HERE or try this LINK.

1. According To You
This song open with a really nice bass riff. Then the drums and the unique guitar play came in. The climax is the chorus where the octane- fuelled guitar play comes in. There are parts of guitar solos where Orianthi literally shredded the guitar with her amazing fingers!! I swear that my jaw was hanging when I saw that shredding! The lyrics are very true to my heart also. It focused on self confidence and thrashing the negativity out of one's life. Very addictive opening song!!

Follow this link to watch her very very awesome play!!

Ratings : 9/10

2. Suffocated
The opening was calm and quiet. Then be surprised by a very powerful guitar jam. Again, the bass riff is very unique. We can all see how powerful Orianthi's voice is in this song. This one is definitely a screamer song!! Apart from all those, the signature shred makes any guitar lover go crazy!!

Ratings : 8/10

3. Bad News
The introduction was a rhythmic bass riff. The guitar play, again, is awesome. I can almost imagine her sliding her fingers along the seductive hum of the electric guitar. The very nice drum play makes me want to jump to this music. The guitar solos in this one are slower than the previous two songs but the energy of the album is still climbing!!

Ratings : 8.5/10

4. Believe
This song is different from the previous four songs. The opening were slower. It is as if the arrangement of the music is taking a break from the insane jamming. This is one song where I wasn't distracted by the amazing instrument play to actually pay attention to the lyrics. I love the lyrics!! Maybe because I can relate to the lyrics. This is a positive break up song (Not that I am in a break up but this is one hell of a pick-me-up song!!) I find myself singing to the lyrics "I wanna believe in love, I wanna believe in something bigger than the two of us. I wanna breathe again, I wanna go back to the days where I had my innocence! I wanna believe again!" One hell of a pick-me-up song after a depressing day eh? The ending guitar riff is one amazing shredding!!

Ratings : 9/10

5. Feels Like Home
This song opens with guitar shredding. I expect some energetic rock-the-world guitar play. But the song shifted to a little acoustic, a little country style. Yet, Orianthi did not lose her ROCKER touch by infusing touches of electric guitar here and there. This song is some sort of a mid-album break where the music is slightly slow-paced. Listeners can listen to the lyrics and feel the music. It actually feels raw and real.

Ratings : 8/10

6. Think Like A Man
Get ready for some ROCKING!! This song actually sounds like something from ACDC!! I guess Orianthi is influenced by classic rock too! The electric guitar play is amazing. It sounds like a roller coaster ride where one moment you are listening to a low bass note and the next moment you are listening to a high note! And I can imagine the slides and hammering along the fretboard. The solo part is an insane fretplay!! Besides, this song is also full of attitude and girl power!!

Ratings : 8.5/10

7. What's It Gonna Be
Again, this song sounds like ACDC to me!! But the bass play and the shredding is really good!! The drums really set the mood for the song and the bass set the perfect jamming mood for this song. I so feel like playing air-guitar to this song!! Orianthi shows off her powerful vocals again in this songs!! To my novice ears, I think Orianthi hit several really good notes!! She is not screaming but her voice is strong enough to deliver that message of What's It Gonna Be?

Ratings : 7/10

8. Untogether
A mixture of acoustic and electric fretplay opened the song. A rather slow song compared to the rest. Orianthi shows that she not only can sing rock songs, but also carry a song that sounds a little like blues. And this is one song that is a little mellow and sad, but she doesn't lose her stylo attitude rocker chic sense. I also love the lyrics of the song. It was raw and sounds really personal. The solo shredding again, perfectly convey the message of the song, as if she is in pain but she has to let go of the relationship. The guitar play actually sounded mournful but melodious at the same time. Very beautifully arranged!!

Ratings : 8.5/10

9. Drive Away
This song is a little blues but nonetheless one good song. The opening is soothing and calm. Then Orianthi's trademark guitar shred came in somewhere in the chorus. This song is pretty much similar to the previous song, with the same sadness, the same mellow feelings. The acoustic guitar sounds as if her heart is broken. But the electric guitar juxtaposition her pain and passion against the mellow acoustic arrangements. Certain effects were used to perfection in this song. Again, impressive emotional guitar shredding!!

Ratings : 8.5/10

10. Highly Strung
This one is purely electric guitar playing the whole 4.08 minutes!! As the name of the song suggested, this is one highly strung music!! The play was fantastic. The distortion effects were pretty heavy here. The shredding and fretplay were also heavily employed here. It sounds like some video game soundtrack but this one is filled with energy and packed with enthusiasm! A few elements of classic rock influence here. PERFECTION!!

Ratings : 8/10
PS : Ben, I so hope to see you play like this!!

11. God Only Knows
This is one very nice closing song. Acoustic opening with her powerful voice. Then blues guitar play brings the emotion out of the song. Drums and beats are great too. This song actually sounds sad. Dedicated to her mentor, the late Michael Jackson? Or perhaps someone closer to heart? A slow song but still one hell of a closing song!!

Ratings : 9/10

Orianthi is the new ROCK GODDESS on my ROCK ALTAR!!! LOVE HER to the max!!
Thank you Ben, for introducing me to this amazing chic!! I so want to play like her now!!

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