Sunday, November 29, 2009

Inglorious Basterds - A Review

This is a remake of the 1977 classic of Inglorious Basterds by the genius Quentin Tarantino. Expect something with the likes of Kill Bill and Grindhouse. But this one is one hell of a movie!!

The movie is divided into 5 chapters. In the first chapter, we saw the Jew Hunter killing Jews in a dairy farmer's house. And there was a survivor, Shoshana, amidst all the shootings. Then in Chapter Two, we were introduced to 8 Jewish American soldiers lead by Lt. Aldo Raine (Brad Pitt) who pride themselves as the Inglorious Basterds. They sneaked into France and kill Nazis by brutally battering them and cutting scalps off their heads. After each attack, the Basterds left one survivor with a Swastika carved onto their forehead to tall the story. Then we were shown the juxtaposition of Adolf Hitler scolding his subordinates for letting these Basterds run wild. Chapter 3 shows Shoshana who now lived the life of Emmanuelle Mimouex, a cinema owner. An egoistic sniper-turned-actor Nazi made it possible for the premier of "National Pride" to be held in Shoshana/Emmanuelle's cinema, totally unaware of her plans. In Chapter 4, Operation Kino was introduced where the Basterds intend to burn down the cinema along with Germany's 4 most important officials, including Adolf Hitler. The Basterds were totally unaware of Shoshana's plan and were helped by double agent Bridget von Hammersmark (Diane Kruger). Chapter 5 was the grand finale with the Revenge of the Giant Face where everything was blown to pieces. The movie ends with Lt Aldo Raine craving a Swastika on the forehead of the Jew Hunter who betrayed his own country.

I love the way the story was told. It provided an alternative reality where the Basterds actually killed Hitler and all the high ranked officials, thus end the war. And also, the chapter angle is almost like Kill Bill, with some comical relieves here and there. Also, Tarantino's trademark blood and gore!! Not as gory and bloody as Kill Bill but more like Grindhouse. The plot is pretty much unpredictable and the lines got me laughing all the way!! In terms of cinematography, this is really a good one!!

This one is also a star- cast movie, with the appearances of Brad Pitt, Diane Kruger, Eli Roth and many other remarkable foreign actors whose names I can't spell. The performances by these actors were superb!! Brad Pitt's accent was funny and convincing at the same time. Diane Kruger's portrayal of a German actress with convincing poise and accent is really nice to watch. Eli Roth played the Jewish Bear to perfection, with his fierce and emotionless straight face.

However, I didn't quite enjoy the soundtrack. It mimics the oldies, like really those 60's or 70's movie soundtrack. The use of trumpets and pipes annoys me. And sort of spoils the movie at really nice parts.

Overall, this is one movie with many interesting twists and turns. Even if the movie stars a bunch of unknowns also I think it will be one good production.

Ratings : 7.5/10. Worth watching for the humour and the quirky punchlines!!

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