Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Sister's Keeper - A Review

I heard of the book but yet to read it. After watching the movie, I want to read the book now.

The movie opened with a narration of Anna Fitzgerald (Abigail Breslin) on her sister Kate's (Sofia Vessilievi) leukemia. Then we moved into the Fitzgerald's lives where Sara's (Cameron Diaz) main aim in life is to keep Kate alive. Kate was diagnosed with a rare leukemia when she was young. Sara and Brian decided to artificially conceived another child, Anna, to make Anna Kate's donor child. Anna's purpose was to supply Kate with blood cells, bone marrow and other biological substance to keep Kate alive. This was until Anna was 11 years old and she decided that she had enough. She filed a petition against her parents for medical emancipation. She refused to give Kate her kidney. The story then tells us of the pain and point of views from all the Fitzgeralds. Brian felt tired and sympathizes Anna, Sara fighting to keep Kate alive, Kate's pain and her memories with her family and friends, Jesse's neglect, Anna's feelings...

This movie is one spiritual and emotional movie. It speaks of parents burying their own child. It speaks of the feeling of welcoming death after a long battle. It speaks of love between two similar souls. It speaks of family responsibilities. It speaks of human rights. It speaks of many many things that normally we would not notice unless something happens. To Kate, a simple embrace, enjoying sea breeze, going to prom, kissing, is like an act of charity from God to her. And Anna, willingly doing everything for her sister.

This movie touched my heart in many places. The family went through the pain of a disease destroying not only one life, but the lives of the entire family. I admire Sara for her strength to accept and fight fate. I also admire Anna's bravery of standing up for her sister and doing what is right. This movie is very real, very personal and very raw in feelings.

I smiled when I saw Kate going to prom with Taylor. I winced when I saw Kate vomitting blood. I laughed when the Fitzgerald sisters enjoyed each other's company. I felt glad when I saw Taylor being there for Kate when she had chemotherapy. I cried when Taylor died. I cried when Kate speak of death. I cried when Kate told Sara that it's ok to let go. I cried when Kate died. But the movie doesn't end with a sad ending, but a meaningful lesson and hope.

Ratings : 8.5/10. This is a movie that teaches us to stop, look and feel before life slips from our fingers. Watch it with your heart and I assure you will feel what I felt.

PS : This movie is of heavy weight star casts with likes of Cameron Diaz, Abigail Breslin, Joan Cusack, Alec Baldwin, Thomas Dekker, and so many more remarkable actors. The acting is really of quality!

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