Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Proposal - A Review

I watched The Proposal a few days ago. It was somewhat like what I expected.

The Proposal was mainly about Margaret (Sandra Bullock) who was like the Dragon Lady of Devil Wears Prada, minus the beautiful fashion. Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) was her assistant editor, which in reality, was her personal slave. Margaret got to shout at practically everyone until she found out that she would be deported back to Canada due to her expiring visa. Thus, she whipped up the clever plan of marrying Andrew to be an American citizen to keep her job. Andrew, wanting to have serious advancement in his job, agreed to the plan and brought her back to his hometown in Alaska for his grandmother's birthday.

Truth was, Andrew was being extremely modest about his family. He was like royalty in Alaska. And Andrew's family treated Margaret with such care and love that her icy heart melted to the family warmth. And you guessed right, Andrew and Margaret fell in love. Then, like all movies of this kind, Margaret felt guilty and told everyone that the marriage was bogus and she gave up her career to be deported back to Canada. But Andrew, realising that he loved her, actually ended up marrying her.

The plot was rather predictable. The acting was mediocre. Nothing on the soundtrack stands out particularly. The whole Andrew character stands out as too perfect to be true. And sorry to say, Bullock's potrayal of Margaret was not remotely interesting. She just wasn't Iron Lady enough.

But I have to credit the script writers on certain aspects of the movie. The lines are rather humorous. Scenes like Ramone the Exotic Dancer and when Andrew and Margaret slammed into each other naked were really funny. The scene where Margaret fell into the sea and Andrew did a "knight rescue damsel in distress" thing was simply sweet!!

Overall, this movie is very much of a fairytale for me. Like I mentioned before, the "Andrew" character is like the perfect guy, too perfect to be true. Plus, Ryan Reynolds playing this perfect guy? It is like the lethal combination of physical, sexual, intelligence and emotional cocktail in the same guy!

Ratings : 6/10. Romantic fairytale. Be warned. If you are looking for a guy based on "Andrew" perfect image, be sure to be disappointed.

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Charlene said...

shes the perfect girl... i like a hottie in control :P


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