Monday, November 23, 2009

O So Happy

I am officially done with ALL my assignments!!

Thank you Levnn, Yang Kiat, Ming Tze and Chun Xian for the great time during all the Moral assignments... It was cool!! And the photo-taking was funny...
Ming Tze, thanks for the "plastic surgery"...

Thank you Nicole, Kumutha, Zarry, and Wei Cheng for the fun times in Pengajian Malaysia Assignment. It was insane to stay up so late. And thank you Zarry for the late night BURGER!!!

Thank you (again) Nicole, Kumutha and Wei Cheng for Computer Systems Assignment. This was the craziest ever. Everything printed and bound only saw got mistakes... Haha... But it was fun, laughing at our own carelessness and sleepiness!!

1 comment:

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ryanne, okay, time to let loose your hair, have fun. Girls just want to have fun....
Wishing your assignment results exceeds yours and everyone's regards and wishes, Lee.

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