Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fight Club - A Review

You want violence? Got it.

You want blood and gore? Sure!

You want hot steamy sex? Of course.

But what is Fight Club really is about?

Brad Pitt is forever hot.
And this one is full of muscle pumping action.

Beneath all the blockbuster essential element, this is one movie that is not making sense at all, but make perfect sense! Am I making sense? Perhaps I am too stressed.

Blood and gore. Your idea of stress relieve?

This is one shit movie that has major loopholes in it that requires quite a leap of faith to actually swallow them. Edward Norton is feeling so unexpressed in his life until he met Brad Pitt and they started the Fight Club together. On the way, he, or rather they, bang Helena Bonham Carter and catapult the whole world into crazy shit ass vandalism and violence. Until finally Edward Norton thinks that he is hallucinating thus tried to stop the world from going down. And he shot himself dead/alive, I don't know, and then watched the world burn.

Whoever dressed Brad Pitt should get shot in the face.
Are you colour-blind?
Or maybe that is the whole point of the funny costume since the human mind is creative.

However, the star-cast itself redeemed the movie. Being a David Fincher piece, I expected class and elegance from the filming, and he delivered (Put aside the loop holes differences, maybe the screenwriters suck) The action was pure meat pounding brain mashing gore bloody violence. And the chemistry between the actors are interesting to watch. Edward Norton portrayed the disturbed mind while Brad Pitt totally juxtaposition him. However, Helena Bonham Carter is a little off in this movie.

Watching her was kinda fun and eccentric.
By the way, she has nice tits.

Again, after watching the movie, it got me thinking. This whole concept sprung from the opposition to general commercialism and crazy brainwashing mass media. And the people who joined the Fight Club are under-represented unsatisfied people of the lower working class. They are just merely expressing themselves through violence and vandalism. And it did reminded me that the people on top can't possibly be where they are if it wasn't for the cleaners, or the security guards, or those whom the society deemed as "useless" and "poor" people.

A very intriguing movie with interesting concept. I think it has the potential to be greater and more developed. But the ending sucks. It is as if the director took us on a long ride and we are all expecting some big bang in the end, but suddenly, everything crashed down to a very simple theory that explains everything but at the same time suck the fun out of the suspense.

Ratings : 8.5/10. Not something you want to watch with your kids. And if you do watch this, don't take it too seriously cause it is really sending the wrong message.


InsaNe said...


anonymoose said...

You seem to miss the entire point of fight club.
1) It was based on a book by Chuck Palahniuk, so if you don't like it you can't just say the screenwriters suck.
2)It is not an action movie, the violence was so raw because David Fincher didn't want to stylize and give it "fight scenes." Yes there are scenes when characters fight, but the fighting is an essential part of the movie's message, not just a way to get pre-teen boys excited.
3)Helena Bonham Carter seems "off" because her character is "off". Marla is female reflection of the Narrator. She does a great job bringing realism to what could have been a one sided character
4)If you don't like the message I'm going to assume that you are a girl. Absolutely no sexism here but I find that guys relate to this movie a lot better since it is about how commercialism makes us men into eunuchs.
5)Brad Pitt's costume is designed to fit his character, not to necessarily look good.
6)Seriously, this movie is not a blockbuster. It did terribly in the box office, and only became well known almost two years after it was released on DVD.

Ryanne said...


Yup, you guessed right. I am a girl. And I really don't get Fight Club. I only enjoy parts of the realism where commercial brainwash the society. Maybe you are right about guys relating to Fight Club. I only watched this because my boyfriend insisted that I do.


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