Saturday, October 2, 2010

Clash of the Titans : A Review

I can't really remember the story of the game and if this thing really follows the game 'cause I only watched my brother playing this game long long time ago.

But reviewing it as a movie, actually I quite enjoy this.

Sam Worthington plays a demigod, son of Zeus who wants to kill Hades and saves the City of Argos and her princess from the wrath of the Kraken by going on a quest to find witches, go to Hell, kill Medusa, etc.

The action was pretty engaging. Love the giant scorpion fight! And the fight against Medusa. Although it was pretty much predictable but the stunts were great. Of course there are a lot of CGIs and blue screen stunts, but the whole thing was pretty much a visual feast so I can actually ignore the facts.

However, the plot was a little slow in development in the beginning and it ends too fast. We were being told on and on how Perseus refused to accept his demigod status and then on and on about his journey from a fisherman to a city hero. And when it comes to the fight that really matters, I expect some huge scene with the Kraken but damn, he reduced the creature into stones within seconds.

Sam Worthington sort of suck in this movie. Acting was... er... not amazing. But I LOVE Lian Neeson and Ralph Fiennes playing Zeus and Hades.

And that Bond girl, Gemma Artenton, was pretty impressive.

Ratings : 7.5/10. Good one to watch. Not exactly classic yet.

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