Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Expendables : A Review

The action movie of the year. Supposedly.

Comprising action stars of the yesteryears and today's rising stars, this one was suppose to be the one that blow everything else out of the water.

It didn't.

This movie has Jason Statham. Nope, he didn't take off his shirt.

This movie has Slyvester Stallone. Nope, he is no Rambo and still bleeds.

This movie has Jet Li. Nope, not much kungfu around but he got his chinese ass kicked around by the white guys every little chance he got.

This movie has Bruce Willis. Nope, no dead people. And he was in the movie for like... 10 minutes.

This movie has Arnold Schzeidontknowhowtospell. Nope, he is human. And he was also in the movie for 10 minutes.

The only person I actually enjoy watching is Mickey Rourke. He comes in, deliver his lines perfectly, and leaves. Perfect. And he wasn't even holding a goddamn gun.

Err... That's almost about the highlights of the movie. Storyline? Just mash up all the damsel in distress and muscle man hero comes to rescue plot and then dump it into this whole mash pot of action stars. Yea, that's really about it.

Ratings : 5/10. I don't even remember watching this movie 2 hours after watching it.


insane said...

but dun think is action movie of the year,cuz still got kick ass... dunno consider as action movie or not~ haha

Ryanne said...

Kick Ass wins la!!
Expendables suppose to be great with all the action stars but dang, it was a flop.


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